• Erith Town Centre Businesses (excluding Morrisons) – Lorraine Davidson (The Running Horses Pub),  plus 2 Vacancies
  • W. Morrisons Supermarkets plc – Vacant (Company to be approached again)
  • Erith Riverside Shopping Centre – Nicola King
  • Erith Playhouse Theatre – Bill Brookes
  • Local Residents Groups – DJ (Erith Riverside Residents Association) Rosemary White (Erith Park)
  • Lesney Park Action Group- Vacancy
  • Bexley Access Group - Chris Broadbent/Terry Middleditch
  • Bexley Neighbourhood Watch – Ray Hudson
  • Health Representative – Dennis Roberts
  • Bexley Civic Society - Joan Armitage
  • Ethnic Minorities group – vacant
  • Bexley Pensioners Forum - vacant
  • Local Police Panel –Jerry Martin
  • Faith Groups – Doreen Ives (Christ Church), Dennis Roberts (Queen Street Baptist Church), Revd. Rob. Radcliffe (St Johns Church) Alec Tapper (Our Lady of the Angels
  • Erith Fun Day – Therese Oliver
  • Erith Rotary Club - Les Hoskins
  • Erith Rowing Club – Alison Fisher
  • Erith Yacht Club -vacancy
  • FORGE – Alec Tapper
  • BATS – Lorraine Stares
  • Members of Bexley Council – Cllr. Abena Opong-Asare, Cllr Joe Ferreira, Cllr. Edward Boateng

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