Events Calendar

The following Erith Town Forum events are scheduled for November 2008 through to Present time:

Minutes of Past Meetings and Agenda for upcoming meetings can be seen by clicking on the appropriate meeting date below. Files are in either PDF or MS Word format.

Please get in touch with us (see ‘Contact Us’ page) for more information.


Public Meetings

24th September 2008

26th November 2008

28th January 2009

25th March 2009

20th May 2009

July 2009 - Western Gateway Brainstorm - Draft Document

23rd September 2009

25th November 2009

Notes for missing meeting dates to be added later

21st July 2010

29th September 2010

Notes for missing meeting date to be added later

21st January 2011

30th March 2011

18th May 2011 - AGM

20th July 2011

28th September 2011

30th November 2011

25th January 2012

28th March 2012

23rd May 2012- AGM

25th July 2012

3rd October 2012

28th November 2012

30th January 2013

27th March 2013

22nd May 2013

31st July 2013

25th September 2013

27th November 2013

29th January 2014

Notes for missing meeting dates to be added later

23rd July 2014

29th October 2014

28th January 2015

29th April 2015

23rd July 2015

29th October 2015

28th January 2016

28th April 2016 General

28th April 2016 AGM

28th July 2016

27th October 2016

26th January 2017

27th April 2017 AGM

27th April 2017 Ordinary

27th July 2017

26th October 2017

25th January 2018

26th April 2018 AGM + Ordinary

26th July 2018 - CANCELLED

Public Meetings are held at BEXLEY COLLEGE, WALNUT TREE ROAD, ERITH and start at 7:00PM. Normal finishing time is 9:00PM.

(Previously held at Veterans Club)


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